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Woodworkers who love sawdust.

Winter Woodworking and Crafts Winter Woodworking and Crafts this year included the Glass Top table shown in pictures above. This fun and relatively easy project idea comes from Wood magazines Issue 202 (Dec/Jan 2010/2011). This table was constucted using recycled red oak door frames from a home I’m remodeling, with walnut stain and tung oil finish. Continue reading

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Diamond Clock Woodworking Project Here’s a project that’s a lot of fun. I made two of these diamond clocks, one where the hour indicator background wood is maple (on the right in the pictures) and one where it’s red oak. The center diamond on both clocks is purpleheart as are the hour indicators. This project is a bit challenging because the diamond shape makes the inlaid hour indicators different distances apart. Continue reading

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Woodworking With Scraps Every woodworker has scraps left over that are too small for most projects and too large to throw away. The exact sizes involved depend on the woodworker though I’ve been known to save pieces as small as two inches square, a throw back to my father who cringed at discarding anything. My brother will swear along side me that when we cleaned out his thirty-five-year accumulation we found two inch iron pipe nipples from a late 40’s remodel of our family home. Packrats looked upon my father’s workshop with undisguised envy. Continue reading

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