Midwest Flooding

Midwest flooding has been a challenge this year and in some areas, overwhelming.  It’s hard to find anyone that hasn’t been affected in some way.  Travel is difficult because of flooded roads, crops are under water, and many have damaged or destroyed homes and other property.  In spite of it all, Midwesterners are a hardy lot, mostly taking it in stride,  driving through water flowing over highways, dealing with flooded basements, soggy gardens and lawns that need mowing every four days. 

There’s is no doubt the ducks are happy and have taken up residence in the preponderance of slews, puddles, formerly dry depressions, and newly formed lakes, many of which are large enough for water skiing .   For a photographer its a paradise, with a burgeon of different birds, waterfowl, and water everywhere, scenic photo opportunities abound.  Included here are but a few of the hundreds I snapped these last few weeks.  Click on any picture thumbnail to see a larger veiw.  Enjoy.

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